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Music & Therapy

Music & Therapy

Music therapy

                                          Treatment with  enthusiasm


The lessons for the children and adults, combining treatment effect with educational features, preserving and supporting
mental health with physical fitness. As a result of such lessons are memory enhancements, positive changes in emotional
condition and behavior, feeling of self-assertion, self-consciousness and awareness of environment, decay of anxiety and
stress level, pain control, self-control under discomfort conditions. Increasing the ability for the long lasting rhythmic action
and spontaneous speech, improvements in human-relations skills, and all this without any medication. 

Why music?


·        There are no people who do not like music.

·        The exercise itself is very pleasant, and those engaged not necessarily know that this is a medical session.

·        The self-actualization frequently is easier without any words.

·        The music already exists in our life, it is well known for us and connected with a number of every day

·        The treatment propagates more quickly, because it is easier to establish contact with the person by a joint
          effort, what makes possible to withdraw various barriers.


Whom does it intend for?


 For any age, started from 3 years old. For the people, who is interested in self-actualization, who wants to make some
changes in one’s life, and to use one’s potential in maximum. For those, who want better oppose the disease,
consequences of the accident, problems of pregnancy. For kids and teenagers, who met difficulties and problems in
their life; for the children with emotional and behavioral problems, who has difficulties in education, social intercourse,
hyperactive. This is appropriate for the people with neurological abnormalities, such as: infantile cerebral paralysis,
Down's syndrome, parakinesis,
 dementia, Alzheimer's disease and other.