TITORA Institute of Art Development

Titora's Staff

Raikhlin Eli

Master of Arts in Music and Pedagogics. Piano, Organ, Electric Organ, Accordion, ensembles, Arrangement, Orchestra and Improvisation Instructor. Pianist-soloist, conductor and music critic. Member of International Music Competitoins Juries. An active music perfomer. International Classical, Jazz and Rock Festivals Prize-winner . Director of "Тitora" Institute of Art Development.                                   

Green Kety

Second degree. Economist. Head of international projects. Deputy Director of the Institute of Art Development "Titora".
The official representative of the International festival-contest of Russian culture "Sources" in the territory of the State of Israel.

Pechatnikov Musia

Master's degree in Electrical Engineering .Electric theory teacher in high schools . Secretary in "Titora" Institute of Art Development.

Krizhak Vera

Secretary in "Titora" Institute of Art Development.

Shestak Ella

Master's degree in Music. Piano teacher, chamber ensembles' instructor, solfeggio , history of music . Head of the Keyboard Department in "Titora" Institute of Art Development.

Trifonov Andrey

Master's degree in Music. Piano teacher , organ , ensembles' instructor, voice teacher . Israeli Opera soloist , "Aeterna" Opera soloist. Music artist, singer and active performer. 

Tartakovsky Anatoly

Third degree in music. Professor of piano classes, organita, chamber ensemble. The soloist, accompanist. Concert performer.

Brodsky Artur

First degree in music. Piano teacher, organ, guitar, percussion, ear training, music literature, Computer Music. Composer, arranger. A concert musician.

Golikov Marina

First Degree in Music. Teacher Solfeggio Music Theory, Vocal, Vocal Ensemble, Choir

Murashko Svetlana

First degree in music. Voice teacher, ensembles' instructor, organ, Computer Music, ear training, music literature. The Conductor of the choir,

Vakser Ari

Master's degree in Music. Master's degree in History. Violin teacher , chamber ensembles' instructor. Music artist and performer of Symphony Orchestra. Lecturer and musicologist . Screenwriter.

Golberg Denis

First degree in music. First degree in pedagogy. Teacher of classical guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ensemble. Artist of the ensemble, orchestra

Valzinger Filip

First degree in music. Teacher in the class of saxophone, clarinet, block-flute, music theory.
Artist of the ensemble saxophones.

Estrin Vitaliy

Master's degree in Music. Trombone , tuba, baritone Instructor. Active performer.Trombonist-Soloist of Chamber ensembles and Orchestras. Head of "MIDI" department ( computer arrangement, note writing, "playback" recording) in "Titora" Institute of Art Development. 

Stasuk Oleg

Master's degree in Music. Trumpet instructor. Active performer. Chamber ensembles and Orchestra soloist. "MIDI" Department employee.

Boklan Vladimir

Computer technician.  Laboratory assistant.